Yogic Intestinal Cleanse

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09:00 – 14:00


Yogic Intestinal Cleanse


Shank Prakshalana is a process that cleanses the entire intestine system with saltwater that has the same concentration of salt as in the body which is 0,9%. Shanka Prakshalana gives an inner purification, cleanses out, releases tensions, and gives the inner organs a well-deserved rest.

Shank Prakshalana is not only a physical process that cleanses the physical body. It also purifies the psyche, so you will feel the effects in your entire being as greater energy, lightness, and happiness. Shank Prakshalana can give inspiration and a greater awareness of nutrition and even change old habits. In this way, it gives an increased mental clarity and greater vitality. It is important to come on an empty stomach, so don’t eat breakfast and no late meals the evening before. You might feel tired just after the purification, but soon afterward you will feel regenerated with a new strong vital force.

You will thoroughly be explained about Shank Prakshalana and guided through the whole cleansing technique.

The actual technique: we drink salt water, that has the same concentration of salt as in the body, and do certain movement between each glass, which is opening up the intestines and letting the water pass and release toxins, stagnations, etc from the intestines.

Please be aware that you should not do Shank Prakshalana in the following cases:
• serious heart diseases
• chronic kidney diseases
• pregnant women in the last two trimesters
• advanced form of gastric ulcer
• affection of digestive tube; dysentery, diarrhea, colitis, acute appendicitis
• intestinal tuberculosis or cancer

Obs: PLEASE DO NOT EAT ANYTHING IN THE MORNING OR LATE IN THE NIGHT BEFORE (And be prepared to have a special, gentle diet for few days after). If you are pregnant or having menstruation it’s not recommended to do it.

The technique is simple and natural, but it is also powerful and it is important to reserve the entire day, preferably the day after as well for resting and rejuvenating and for allowing the body to enjoy the effects. When we detox it is important that we listen to our body and avoid strong exercises, strong food, strong noises, tv etc. In this way, we support our body to heal itself.

Teacher: Florentina Zamfir, with many years of experience practicing this technique

29th of January

Time: 9:00-14:00

Prices: 450 KR or 400 KR for Natha students

Swish number: 1233959590.

PG: 403 08 65-2

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