Winter Retreat in Skeppsudden: Loving Deeper

8 DEC  – 12 DEC

Winter Retreat in Skeppsudden: Loving Deeper


After an AMAZING and TRANSFORMATIVE ECSTATIC summer retreat in Skeppsudden we will meet again in this stunning venue for our annual winter retreat, discovering and celebrating light and warmth in times of darkness and cold – come join us!
5 days of life-enriching journey into the world of Tantra. A unique opportunity to share, discover and deepen yourself into new insights and experiences. The retreat is guided by highly experienced teachers Aurora Georgijevic, Konrad Swenninger, Morgan Arundel, Louise Skoldjan & Ivana Georgijevic in the amazing countryside facilities of Skeppsudden, with pristine nature, a beautiful sauna for cold winter days, and peaceful surroundings.
The theme of this year’s winter retreat is the Art of LOVING Deeper.
Of making love a significant priority in our life. Every single day.
Beyond the ups and downs, beyond hurts of the past or future projections.
Beyond restless desires, beyond drama.
Learning to find rest, joy and celebration again and again into the tender depths of your loving heart. Here, and now.
Falling in love is divine. It’s boundless, bewildering, irrational, transcendent, and intensely emotional. It awakens the soul to the best parts of our existence. Falling in love is not a restricted extravagance either. We can fall in love repeatedly and in such a multitude of ways. We can wake up every day and decide to fall in love with each other, and with the life we have been given.
What if we took the time to fall in love with strangers? What if we made efforts to fall back in love with the people in our lives every chance we were given? What if we allowed places, smells, sites, sounds, faces, tastes, memories, experiences and everyday engagements of our emotions to be experienced through love?
There are so many hands you have never shaken, and names you’ve never learned. There are so many voices your ears wouldn’t recognize, and eyes you’ve never really looked into. There are so many stories that go unheard. There are so many tears that go unseen, and healing embraces that never get the chance to perform their magic. We are faced with opportunities each day to open our hearts to every aspect of life worth falling madly in love with. Are you ready to let love in?
In a world where disconnection and separation seem to be evermore present one might at times wonder if deep love is something from a cheesy novel. If you have been challenged by relationships, you might easily feel that way. You might even find yourself wondering “does deep love even exist?”
What is depth anyway?
What does it mean to love deeply?
For loving intimacy to happen there needs to be a willingness to open and a willingness to go deep. A willingness to learn of the ways of love. Of opening to be touched by tenderness, softness, poetry and wonder but also to the fierce and powerfully transformative fire of loves passion. Not holding back or compromising the voice of our heart.
In this retreat, we will explore the depth of our hearts. Open courageously and vulnerably to the mystery of love, rising with open wings above the clouds of the mental agitations into deep experiences of love. Learning how to fall in love with love.
We will aim to bring awareness of what blocks the flow of love in us, what holds us back. Learning to be rooted, to be courageous, to be vulnerable, forgiving, empathic, adoring, non-judgmental
We will also explore relationship dynamics and the magnificent play of the sacred feminine and masculine. There are specific polar lessons for entering the depth of love and we will aim to highlight them and explore them in different ways, through inspiring lectures based on tantric principles, separate sharing groups and delicious and sacred polar plays involving conscious touch, sensuality, humor, dance and ceremonial practices.
We will learn about the necessity of the masculine to awaken the penetrative power of love, to let go of shallowness and passivity, and use the power of consciousness to go profound, towards the essence of love.
We will learn about the necessity of the feminine to realize that lucid surrender is a strength and not a weakness, that the openness to love is the greatest protection for our heart.
Internalizing both the penetrative power to go deep, and the capacity of ecstatic surrender and courageous openness we awaken full power of the heart to enjoy the depth of love. This creates the conditions for intimacy, for experiencing real and profound closeness with another. It invites healing, trust and builds up real strength of our heart and our ability to love.
Integrating the power of eros in our experiences of love will greatly amplify the deliciousness of love and intensifying its transformative power. Love and eros form together with the power to bring any sleeping heart to life. It awakens our body to pleasure and delight. It brings creativity to the mind. It brings inspiration and a sense of wonder even in the most mundane daily life activities. It harmonizes the function of our nervous system and hormonal system and balances our need to dynamism and peace. It deepens our sense of connection, belonging, and meaning. It becomes the fuel for spiritual awakening and for elevated states of consciousness and reveals itself as the purpose of our existence. To live and love in ecstasy – fearlessly, courageously, vividly, and freely!
In order to experience the transforming power of love we need to learn how to shift from thinking or mentalizing about love to deeply and fully EXPERIENCING IT. And the great news is that we do not need anything for this. Just the decision to OPEN.
Love makes a tensed body to relax and open up to pleasure.
Love makes a wounded heart to trust, heal and open again courageously despite any previous hurts or disappointments.
Love makes the mind a vast and open space, peaceful and visionary.
Love helps us to build bridges and to experience union where there seemed to be only separation and difference.
Love brings meaning to our existence and gives purpose to everything we do.
Love is an energy we cannot force, but which we can learn to open to.
Love, when it is experienced fully, allows that which seemed to be impossible to suddenly become possible.
Anyone who has truly and deeply loved knows that this is not a fantasy, but a sacred truth and reality. Are you ready?

❤ What is going to happen?
• Inspiring lectures based on tantric wisdom & up to date-science aiming to bring awareness and light to our experiences
• Experiences with creative and interactive exercises for awakening the senses, our energies & consciousness
•Separate men’s and women’s activities and sharing circles
• Daily meditations on love in its different forms
• Beneficial challenges that help you to open to life and love in a deeper way
• Spontaneity games, plays and delights for bringing you to the presence
• Sensual connections and courageous exploration of eros and intimacy
• Deep Dating connection exercises
• Tantric art and artistic manifestations
• Yoga
• Methods and practices to awaken courage and overcome fears and limitations
• Guidance into sacred heart meetings & special insights into the World of Tantra
• Cacao Ritual – The depth of Love
• Quality Holiday Time: Sharing moments & togetherness in nature and the warm ambiance of Skeppsudden

❤ Life Awakening Experience Based On The Science Of Tantra:
In this retreat, we aim to create a perfect blend of holiday & transformative heart work. Thus Skeppsudden Awakening Experience is offering you a chance to share knowledge, to open up to the new, to embrace the old, to courageously meet life-transformations, to explore sensuality in the light of full awareness, and to surrender to love´s breath-taking gifts of connecting to others and to your inner source of happiness.

❤ Surrender What You Are, To Find What You Could Become:
By consciously engaging in the perpetual forces of life, you will have the chance to enter the common energetic field of the community, which we will create together. It will allow you to engage in a playful and spontaneous way in the activities of the retreat, to open up to your inner resources and enhance your vital, sensual and energetic experience, as well as your subtle awareness and feeling of yourself.

Arrival: Wednesday 08th of Dec 15.00-17.30 Check-in
• Check-in Wednesday: 15.00 – 17.30
• The program of the retreat begins around 18.00 on Wednesday 8th of Dec and ends around 17.00 on 12th of December

SUPER EARLY BIRDS (UNTIL 5th NOV): 3400 / 3100 kr (Natha members)
EARLY BIRDS (UNTIL 21st NOV ): 3950 / 3550 kr (Natha members)
PRICE (AFTER 21st NOV): 4200/3950 (Natha members)
Food and accommodation: 2500kr to be paid separately to Skeppsudden Kursgård upon arrival
• The retreat fee is transferred to Natha Yogacenter via swish 1233397171 or Bankgiro 785-7162. It has to be marked with “SKEPPSUDDEN + YOUR NAME+EMAIL” as your final confirmation for your participation. After will receive a WELCOME LETTER which is also your confirmation, that we registered your payment (therefore please remember to write your email or send us an email with your sign up to
IMPORTANT INFO: If you have not been in any Natha event or Skeppsudden retreat before we kindly ask you to send us an email with your application and wish for signing up and we will send you more info. Please write your request to

After you have done your payment, please write us an email at so that we can send you all the information that you need.
Refund policy: 45 days before the event you can receive an 80% refund on the course fee. After that, there are no refunds. In exceptional cases of illness with doctor’s note you might receive a refund (minus admin fee). The ticket is not personal, however, if you wish to give/sell it further you need to email us beforehand.
Yummy delicious vegetarian food is included and prepared with a lot of love. If you have any dietary needs or intolerances please contact Claes for this.
When you sign up you will receive an info letter with this information and contacts.
It is also possible to make extra reservations and stay longer just to relax in the lovely nature in Skeppsudden before or after the retreat.

❤ Should I bring my partner? Can I go alone?
The retreat is designed for both singles & couples. The entire program and all its activities are guided so you will meet and mingle with all the other participants. We aim to have an approximately equal number of each gender to create the optimal experience for everybody. As long as you are open to participating in the activities you will have a great time. All exercises are invitations and of course, nobody has to do anything they don’t feel to do (which is also part of our consent form that needs to be signed upon arrival).

—-Self-responsibility and boundaries—-

• We encourage 100% self-responsibility
• This retreat is meant for healthy adults (over 18 years) that wish to open up to beautiful transforming experiences and know-how to set healthy boundaries
• The teachers and the team aim to do the utmost to create a loving safe space, but it is up to each and everyone to evaluate their own limitations and possibilities
• We will apply a special consent form upon arrival, with common sense indications regarding a harmonious integration for all participants during the retreat
• Everybody is setting their own inner and outer boundaries, which will be mutually respected. Other’s boundaries must be respected so that everyone can enjoy a beautiful experience
• There might be activities during the retreat, which suggest intimacy, nudity and sensuality, but these are in the same way optional and according to your personal inclinations. There will not be any explicit erotic interaction in the workshops
This event will be kept in a safe and harmonious environment

—-Covid Policy—-
• We will respect the rules and regulations set by the government, and if these will change during the time of the event we will adapt to this. There will not be social distancing at this event
• The participation list is limited
• In case any new mandatory rules will be imposed that prevent us from having the retreat you will be fully refunded or have the possibility to save your payment for a future event
• Everyone should come symptom-free, and if you would happen to get ill in a way that prevents you to participate before the retreat you may receive a refund (contact the team as soon as this is the case)
• If you come from abroad and there are new regulations from your home country preventing you to attend (border lockdown), you will be able to keep the payment for another event or re-sell your ticket to someone else, however not receive a refund
If this inspires you and awakens a calling in your heart – you are mostly WELCOME to our Winter Retreat! It will be an open invitation for 5 days of spiritual holiday & heart work in a natural and relaxed unfolding of life’s essence and fullness. We look forward to sharing and unveiling the mysteries on how to live our life juicier, fully and vibrant!

❤ Tantra & The Heart
At the heart of any spiritual celebration is always the spirit. It is the spiritual heart connection, which truly makes us feel connected. The body, its senses and magnificent aliveness of vibrant energies are offering us a great variety of possibilities to connect with each other and with ourselves, to offer fulfillment to each other and experience fulfillment in our own being, to offer loving presence and to experience love. Our Winter Retreat is an experience happening simultaneously inside and outside ourselves.

❤ Dive Into The Magic Play Of Sublime Eros:
Tantra is all about awakening. Awakening to life and to the beauty around us, awakening the senses and to the countless facets of joy and superior pleasures, awakening our consciousness in a dauntless lucid abandonment into any opportunity life is offering us, awakening to ourselves and to each other in natural heart presence. Throughout the retreat there will be space to eat, enjoy and laugh together; space to create trust, intimacy and loving connections; and there will be guidance into beautiful meetings & insights in EROS, LOVE & INTIMACY.

❤ For whom is this retreat:
This retreat is open for anyone who wants to learn how to become more intimate and open and authentic in relating to others. Since we are focusing on intimacy as something that begins with YOU, with YOUR openness and willingness, it is very much an individual journey. The retreat is there for open for both singles and open-minded couples. Since the retreat program is intensive it is essential that you come in good health, physically, mentally and emotionally. This retreat is not meant as a therapy and is not suitable for people suffering of mental illness or those who are uncertain in setting their own boundaries.
This retreat is for people over 18.

The venue and how to get there:
Skeppsuddens Kursgård
Järstad Östra Stenby
610 32 Vikbolandet
Mobile nr to the owner (for questions regarding food, accomodation and transport): +4670 22 11 434
Skeppsudden is located 150 km from Stockholm, and you can find the directions here:
Usually, we have a lot of participants from both Stockholm and Malmö that drive and arrange common traveling. You can write to us if you have a car or if you wish to have a ride and we will help to put you in contact with each other.
We look forward to having you on this magical journey of love,
/Team Natha