Tantric Valentine – for couples


FROM 10:00-17:30

Tantric Valentine - for couples

Come and enjoy a heart awakening, sensual and sweet valentine with your beloved in a safe and intimate space!
During this evening you will be guided to discover the amazing force of romance and intimacy, and how healing, nourishing, and restoring can be to our hearts and our couple relationship.
Romanticism is a special nuance of love and we will explore it from a tantric perspective beyond clichés and prejudices and use it as a transformative tool to awaken the heart and create a deeper, more loving, and intimate connection with your beloved.
When romance deepens in the relationship it gives deep fulfillment, joy, delight, and profound fulfillment. It brings juiciness and charm in the relationship, relaxes the nervous system, and naturally brings a feeling of safety and trust without slipping into boredom, routine, and familiarity. It supports you to maintain a spirit of passion and of discovering your beloved again and again, in a new light…
This nuance of love helps the lovers to come closer and helps to eliminate anxieties, fears, and tensions with its regenerative power.
A couple who learns to cultivate active love within their heart will be able to always benefit from its amazing effects. Together with eros, love brings more intimacy, fulfillment, sensual closeness, attraction, and refined passion in the relationship and teaches you that a relationship grows old and flat only if we allow it.
In this full-day workshop for couples, we will take you through a delicious journey of intimacy and deep, playful, sensual, and romantic relating to your beloved.

On this day you will learn about:
** Connection beyond communication – couple yoga
** Polarity – the key of attraction
** Kama Sutra – the art of experiencing our senses fully
** Guided sensual journey
** Conscious touch
** The tantric art of transfiguration
** Inspiring lessons on romance, love & eros – the language of the heart
Each couple will be given their little private love island. Other couples will be around but the love islands will create a private space for each couple.
Throughout this day you will be guided into a unique experience of love and deep relating…
The practice, exercises, and teachings we will share, will build up a frame for a romantic and intimate experience.
You will bring home the tools to be able to recreate, explore and deepen this tantric intimate connection again and again in your relationship.
The journey starts with the first step, this day can be the first step into a more meaningful and fulfilling experience of Love.

Some exercises will include intimacy and sensuality with optional clothing but no explicit sexual exercises.

You can reserve your spot by
Swish 123 395 95 90 ( write your email+valentine)
– PG 403 08 65-2 (write your email+valentine)

Limited places available
Cost 2600kr per couple including lunch and Raw fika with tea and raw aphrodisiac sweets

** Your reservation is made once you have completed the payment. The payment is non-refundable. In case of illness, you can receive a voucher on the amount for future events or eventually sell further to another couple.

❤ Falling in love is divine. It’s boundless, bewildering, irrational, transcendent, and intensely emotional. It awakens the soul to the best parts of our existence. Falling in love is not a restricted extravagance either. We can fall in love repeatedly and in a multitude of ways. We can wake up every day and decide to fall in love with each other, and with the life, we have been given.
Falling in love comes by grace, like a gift, staying in love is a choice.