Kama Sutra Weekend for Women – Ancient Wisdom for Urban Godesses

8-10 nov

Kama Sutra Weekend for Women - Ancient Wisdom for Urban Godesses

Join us for a wonderful, nourishing, transforming, magical weekend for women in a space of love and sisterhood!
This is a one of a kind event for women, unique and happening for the first time ever in Sweden! We are very excited to offer this experience that we know will make a great shift in your life
– Introduction into the 64 arts of kama sutra for women
– Unlock the pleasures of life
– Shamelessness and erotic confidence
– Awakening the soft power
– The healing power of beauty
– Sacred erotic dance
– Awaken your body with pure eros
– Art of cooking: aphrodisiac foods&sweets
– Become a force of life: Secrets of vitality, nourishment and bodily harmony
– Art of the loving touch
– Secrets of transfiguration: discovering the sacred dimension of life
– Erotic art: sensuality in poetry, dance, music and visuals
– Goddess rituals for every day life
– Embody your feminine mystery
– Love unconditionally: the essence of fulfillment
– Learn how share your feminine gifts to the world – the art of giving

Kama Sutra mentions the 64 arts – anything from the art of cooking, art of poetry, art of painting, dancing, singing, kissing, arranging a room, dressing, making love… Showing how everything in life, even apparently banal daily life activities can transform into a practice that is bringing fulfillment, happiness and valuable lessons.
We don’t need to reserve ecstasy for special moments….but we can learn how to be ecstatic in everything we do!

Awakening the pure eros is a life-empowering energy that supports and sustains us in all this. Very often we misunderstand eros with sexuality, and believe it is just for the bedroom. Eros is in fact a magic ingredient that we can sprinkle onto anything, and together with love they open us to live our life in FULLFILLMENT so that we create a life we don’t need vacation from.

This weekend will be an appetizer into the 64 arts of kama sutra and the pure eros, and how we can learn to awaken and manifest our soft feminine power and transform the world around through harmony, love, happiness, beauty and love.

The weekend will contain both inspiring talks and experimental sessions where we play with the different arts in a safe, nourishing, loving space of sisterhood.

The workshops will contain sensual elements but no explicit sexual activity.

The workshop will be guided by several wonderful women who will share their unique presence and passions. They are all certified yoga teachers and have a great vast experience in the field of yoga, tantra, meditation and womens circles.
Time & Venue
8-10th of November
8/11: 18.30-22.00
9/11: 10.30-21.30
10/11: 10.00-17.00
Including lunch & dinner breaks and tea breaks
Natha Yoga Center
Celsiusgatan 29, Malmö
Price (includes food and course-fee):
1100kr (early bird until 15th of oct)
1300kr (after 15th of oct)
Meals included: Snack on Friday evening – Lunch & Dinner Saturday – Lunch Sunday
Sign up through paying on:
– Swish Swish: 123 395 95 90 (sign with your name + kamawoman)
– PG: 403 08 65-2
– Paypal
– Cash in the reception

We have limited amount of spaces – your ticket will be reserved only through completed payment. We do not offer any refund on the tickets but they are impersonal and can be given away.

We look forward to share this amazing weekend celebrating the gifts of femininity! ♥