Couple Yoga Date

SUNDAY  06th of FEBRUARY 2022

FROM 10:00-12:30

Couple Yoga Date

(you can join as a couple or simply with a friend!)

Yoga is an amazing practice that helps us to be in balance, harmony, optimal energy, to keep our mind clear and calm, and our heart-opening.
All these are wonderful effects.
Imagine if there would be a way to amplify these effects by practicing in couple and at the same time amplify the intimacy and connection, eliminate misunderstandings and bring healing to the relationship.

❤ Yes there is a way 😊, and this is precisely the purpose of the couple yoga.
Many couples struggle with the detrimental energy of time in the relationship. It really seems that time eats up all the juice and passion in most relationships. But tantra considers it doesn’t need to be that way.
Many couples struggle to find real quality time together, which is not only about traveling somewhere or going to a fancy restaurant but connecting at a deeper level together – discovering the source of real intimacy.
Couple Asanas is a unique practice that gives a chance to connect in-depth. To experience unusual states of connection and harmony on many levels.
It is not a sweaty workout or acro yoga flexibility training but a meditative practice to tap into your inner resources and connect with the source of energy.

Some of the effects of Couple Yoga:
❤ Increased sense of connection and love
❤ Get to know each other in a completely different way, nonverbal communication, heart to heart, body to body.
❤ Removes tension, blockages & frustrations
❤ Increases the power of attraction, that electrical spark between us in case we are in a loving couple, or it can really deepen our friendship connection making possible a deep Soul to Soul connection.
❤ amplifies healing, forgiveness, tolerance, and understanding

Practicing yoga together in this way calms the mind and relaxes the body. It gives you the amazing gift of being able to sense each other from a place of being grounded and in contact with yourself, creating a deep connection and opening a space for intimacy and just being together in silence.
When practicing Couple Asanas we will depend on each other for balance, and our senses will be supercharged, finely attuned with each other we will feel each other breathing and our hearts beating in unison.
It’s both challenging since it will improve our flexibility, balance and strength and is relaxing at the same time.
Couple asanas are based on the law of Polarity. The fact that everything in our Universe is put in motion due to the interaction between yin and yang, plus and minus, feminine and masculine. A fully charged battery has a strong plus and a strong minus.
By practicing Couple Yoga we can discover how to find balance within a universe that is in constant motion and the secrets of how to keep our relationship fully charged!

***This workshop is not acro yoga, and doesn’t require acrobatic skills. It is a more meditative, peaceful type of practice where you can connect at a deeper level to your partner.

300kr/ 250kr (Natha students) – per person
Limited amount of places
Sign up via:
•Swish: 123 395 95 90 and write Coupleyoga+Name
•PG 403 08 65-2, type your name+Coupleyoga

If you pay through PG send us please an email to confirm your participation.
Tickets are non-refundable but you can give or sell the ticket further if unable to come.

Covid policy:
We keep the event in a smaller group in accordance with the restrictions of the government, and we ask all participants to attend healthy and without flulike symptoms

Warm welcome ♥