Cacao Ceremony-A mystical journey into the Heart


Saturday 01st of October 18:00-21:30

Cacao Ceremony-A mystical journey into the Heart

The heart is that space of connection and centering, bringing unity and coherence to our inner life and our external reality. The Heart is that bridge that unifies opposites and that makes us feel constantly supported and inspired.

Every spiritual tradition has highlighted the importance of returning again and again to the sacred space of the heart. Our heart is the source of inner peace that brings profound contentment, natural joy, and innocence. Our heart is the foundation for the transforming experiences of radiant love. It is involved in the processes of healing, learning, and accepting. It is the portal toward a meaningful presence.

We live in an interconnected Universe, but we are not always aware of it, experiencing this connection on a daily base. Now more than ever the journey to our heart becomes necessary and also developing our power of introspection and centering, being in the present moment, switching our focus from doing into BEING!

:::::::: How will this event unfold?

This cacao ceremony will be a guided meditative journey into the sacred space of the heart. It will include music meditation, movement, breath-awareness, relaxation, and inspired poetry for opening the heart. The evening will start with an inspiring talk about the importance of the heart and its role in creating fulfillment in life. And most importantly you will be given simple but powerful tools for reconnecting to your heart in everyday life!


Our experienced Yoga and Tantra teacher Ivana will guide you step by step through the evening.

**This event will take place in an intimate, cozy space and has limited places.

Cacao is a natural anti-depressant and if you are consuming SSRI medication you should only drink a small dose of cacao or completely avoid it as it can give you a heavy migraine.

The ticket is non-refundable but you can transfer the name on the ticket

Time: Saturday 01st of October 18:00-21:30
Price: 400kr (350kr for Natha students)
Venue: Natha Yoga Center, Celciusgatan 29 Malmö
Sign in by swishing your contribution Swish: 1233959590 (write your email + Cacao)
For any questions contact us

*No refunds are made