Tantric Date – Conscious Touch

SATURDAY, 22 MAY 2021 FROM 13:30-18:30

Limited places available!

Tantric Date - Conscious Touch


Conscious Touch Massage

Why in Tantra we speak and practice conscious touch?
Why do we emphasise that this is an essential element in Tantric massage?
Is it a specific technique, or specific movements?
Is it about nudity, or the erotic energy involved?
It is all of this together plus much more, which is our Awareness and Presence, and how to train and experience that is the most beautiful yet delicate part.
When we massage and receive a massage in a conscious way it will break down the barriers we have set up to protect ourselves and open us to a deeper intimacy and connection.
Many people, even those who love each other, feel disconnected from each other because they never trained deep heartfelt intimacy.
Working with conscious loving touch is a way to communicate beyond words and help to really feel the other’s energy, inner world, emotions and being.
It is the deep awareness of ourself and the other one that makes feel truly makes connected.
The body with its capacity to experience pleasure trough touch thanks to the enhanced experience of our senses, anchor us in the present moment, helping us to connect and heal deeply,
In this workshop we work with giving and receiving conscious touch.
You will learn the basic principles of tantra and the the art of loving massage, how lovers can connect at a soul level, and how you can feel another person’s heart and emotions through touch.
We will explore different types of touch and how they communicate certain states and energies, such as grounding touch, sensual touch, refined tender touch etc. You will experience a lot of touching, heart connection, embraces and intimate communion.


❤ Guided exercises for heart connection & intimacy
❤ Introduction to conscious touch & Tantric teachings
❤ Fika pause
❤ Meditation exercises
❤ Guided exercises exploring different types of touch
❤ Conscious touch massage

:::::::Do I need to be in a relationship?:::::::

To attend this event you don’t need to be in a relationship but you need to come with a friend or partner you wish to share an intimate experience with. There will be no explicit sexual interactions or massage of sexual organs and you will only stay with your partner.

:::::::Time & Date:::::::

SATURDAY, 22 MAY 2021 13.00-18.30

:::::::Price & Sign up:::::::
You can reserve your spot by:
– Swish 123 395 95 90 ( write your email+couple workshop)
– PG 403 08 65-2 (write your email+couple workshop)
Limited places available!

Cost 1600kr per couple including Raw fika with tea
**Early bird price 1400kr – reserve your spot before the 9th of May**
The participants needs to be without any flu-like symptoms.
** Your reservation is made once you have completed the payment.

*Cancellation policy
The tickets are non-refundable but you can give/transfer to another couple. If you are unable to attend due to illness you may save your payment for a future event.


The Tantric Date Series – workshops for couples
Many couples are confronted with issues and friction in the relationship, also due to the intense times we live in. Emotional roller coasters, argues, fading attraction, misunderstandings, boredom, closing down of hearts – relating is not always easy.
We need some tools to navigate or even to be able to “surf” the “waves” that often come along in a relationship.
The tantric teachings offer great tools on how to keep harmony in the relationship, how to deepen intimacy and couple happiness.
By becoming more and more real, authentic and true to yourself in the way you relate to others and especially to your beloved.
You will learn what prevents or blocks intimacy from thriving, and also how to gradually transform these limitations into possibilities.
Over the years teachings like these have helped many couples to heal, to re-connect, to love deeper and experience an increasing fulfilment in their relationship.
These series has been developed through many years of experience to teach you what we didn’t learn in school – the art of loving and relating.

The themes of our upcoming workshops:

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– Conscious Touch for Lovers
– Loving Deeper
– Sacred Intimacy
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