Immunity & Inner Fire – An Initiation in Resonance & Solarity

Monday 10th August
Time: 18.30-20.30

Immunity & Inner Fire – An Initiation in Resonance & Solarity

A 2-hour workshop led by Thomas & Louise from Denmark on the yogic perspective on immunity & the importance of awakening the inner fire.

Our physical states are a direct reflection of our mental & emotional states. These inner states create an electromagnetic field which scientists have started to measure & study with the help of modern scientific equipment.

By transmuting our inner states – for example, from fear to courage, or from doubt to optimism – we are able to influence, through the law of resonance, our physical health & well-being.

In this workshop you’ll learn about:
*The electromagnetic fields generated by the body & its cells, based on internal mental & emotional states

*How cells & organs of the body are impacted by the field we radiate from our thoughts and emotions

*The “inner fire” which fights & kills negative resonances and impurities (invaders & viruses) from the environment

*How to use positive inner states (such as self-confidence, determination, and optimism) to boost immunity, prevent disease, and accelerate the healing process

When: Monday 10th August
Time: 18.30-20.30
Venue: Natha Yoga Center

200kr Natha students

You can sign up by paying:
– Swish 123 395 95 90, write your name+immunity
– PG 403 08 65-2 write your name+immunity
– Cash or card in the reception

About the teachers:
Thomas is a yoga and tantra teacher based in Copenhagen, Denmark. He has been studying, practicing and teaching the yogic philosophy for more than a decade.
Today Thomas makes a living out of teaching and lifestyle coaching.

Louise has been teaching Hatha Yoga, meditation and yoga nidra since 2010. She is a certified yoga instructor through the Atman Federation, and teaches yoga full time both in corporations, and at Natha where she teaches the Esoteric Hatha Yoga and Esoteric Tantra Yoga course.
“Yoga not only gives me inner silence, flexibility and strength. Yoga gives give me a foundation, greater awareness, more energy, love and it supports and strengthens all activities in my life.”

***Refund policy: There are no refunds on the tickets, but they are impersonal and can be sold or given further.