Saturday 6th of March – 7th of March 10:30




Join us for a wonderful, nourishing, transforming, magical weekend for women in a space of love and sisterhood!
We invite you to this special event where we will share secrets of the feminine universe and guide you into exploring the sensual delights of womanhood. We believe that spaces like these are an enormously important step in the healing for us as women, and for our beloved men and for our planet and humanity in general.
We will create a safe space for learning, opening, connecting and discovering together the beauty and wonders of our feminine potential – shakti. By having the courage to let go of age-old taboos and prejudices, and learning how to express your sensuality in a confident, loving and harmonious way, women can find a never ending source of fulfilment and joy of life. The eros which is expressed full of purity, mystery, harmony and refinement is a key to a deeper happiness and radiance.
The weekend will playfully integrate yogic wisdom, Tantra, Taoist secrets and modern science to help us to reconnect to ourselves as women and restore juiciness, life and sublime sensuality.


Your teachers for the weekend


Ivana is a certified Yoga, Tantra and Tantra for women teacher and she herself has been practicing for over 10 years. She has been teaching many different courses and workshops. Her strong aspiration is to awaken as much a possible her own and other people’s true potential. To live in a more conscious and heartfelt world. One of her greatest passion in life is dancing as this is where she feels her soul truly speaks. Ivana has a great curiosity for life and she loves teaching women’s groups, as it’s a very magical space to allow women to truly grow together and inspire each other and dive deeper into the universal mysteries. There is a great joy in seeing women opening up and allowing themselves to be women


Florentina has been practicing Yoga and Tantra for 20 years. She is focused on developing her feminine nature through tantric practices and to discovering more and more the sublime, endless qualities that women are endowed with. She is fascinated by the deep mysteries of the human soul and the magic that the feminine nature offers and she loves to explore, awaken and dive deep into the refined, sacred pleasure that fulfills her soul. Her vast experience on the tantric path makes her an inspiring teacher with a lot of love and wisdom to share to all women who aspire to awaken their femininity.


The weekend will include:

• Special goddess yoga & morning ritual – radiant beginnings
• Tantric & Taoist techniques & secrets
• Special exersises
• Inspiring talks
• Heartful sharings
• Meditations
• Sensual dance & lingery party
• Tantric ceremony
Topics we will cover:
• Secrets of feminine eros
• Awakening the power of eros in your body – love & embrace your body and discover its gates to pleasure and ecstasy
• Energizing the feminine erogenous zones
• Love your breasts! – ancient tantric and Taoist secrets for awakening the ecstatic power in the breasts
• Yoni love – connect and awaken sensitivity in your yoni
• Ecstatic sensual dance & lingerie party – play, connect & express
• Living like a lotus in a world of chance – keeping your femininity blooming in every day life
• Sublime sisterhood – women uniting around the light of wisdom
• Tantric ceremony

Saturday – 10.30-21.30 (incl lunch and dinner break)
Sunday – 10.30-17.30 (incl lunch)

Price (includes lunch, dinner & fika):
2100kr Early bird until 21st of February
(Natha students get 300kr discount on the above prices)

You reserve your spot by swishing your contribution at 123 395 95 90 (write your email address+woman)

The program will be kept in English

For any questions please contact us at:

*No refunds are made