Tantra Circle-Online


Beginning on 25th of April (Next meeting 23rd of May)

20:00 – 21:15

Tantra Circle-Online

🌺Tantra Online Circle, every second Sunday 20.00-21.15 (on zoom)🌺

::::::::Sunday 25th April Natha starts a new initiative: Tantra Online Cirlce – a virtual meeting space of hearts for all students and teachers from our schools in Stockholm, Malmö, Oslo, Gothenburg and Karlskrona.

You can see this as our virtual tantric lounge that offers heartful meetings, centered around a tantric topic. It is a way to deepen the teachings, and the connections between us, get a chance to ask questions or just connect to other friends on the spiritual path. One or several teachers present the topic, that is later explored within us all, in breakout rooms and all together. There will also be meditative exercises, inspiring clips and other activities that add to the topic.

For our premiere 25th April, the theme will be “Learning to follow the Heart” – exploring how we can become better at listening to the guidance of our heart, and becoming aware of what prevents us from doing this so that awareness can heal and purify the window to our heart.

Coming topics include “Shifting from Sex to Eros in Tantra” and “Tantra as Gateway from Mediocrity to Excellence”, “Taming the monkey mind – mental hygiene”, “Tips for deepening your Tapas/Sadhana”, “Overcoming obstacles and challenges on the spiritual journey”, “From fear to Courage”, “Intimacy in times of distance” and other topics that are useful for you!
Please let us know what your heart would long to go in depth with.

You are welcome to bring a cup of tea and give this moment as a gift of nourishment for your heart. For the good flow, integration and friendly spirit we kindly ask everyone who participate to keep the camera on during the whole meeting, and to come on time 😊

The meeting is free of charge and is open to all students of Natha (from yoga, tantra, meditation and shakti groups)

See you all!♥️✨