Special Initiation:Art of Blessing

30th of May 17:00-18:30
Free for all Natha students!

Special Initiation:Art of Blessing


What does blessing mean? How can we bless something or someone? How does it actually work?

This workshop will introduce you to a revolutionary method that is based on ancient wisdom teachings that are made accessible for anyone with an open mind and heart. You will be provided a unique method that will help you to open up as a channel for light, goodness, love and healing power. This practical method will allow you to channel godly energies that you then can direct towards other people, yourself, situations, projects, objects etc that you wish to bless.

The art of blessing is in fact a process of discovering the sacred into the everyday life, giving you the possibility to initiate deeply harmonizing frequencies into your life and surrounding. More than this, it is an extremely valuable spiritual tool that gives direct access to the highest frequencies of the creation through resonance with the Supreme Consciousness, thus accelerating profoundly your inner evolution. In this way the art of blessing becomes a secret tool for making significant leaps of consciousness for the ones who apply this method in a correct way.

The workshop will include the explanation of the spiritual principles that are involved in the art of blessing, as well as different meditations and in-depth explanation of the technique itself and off course practicing the method. You will also receive hand-outs which will simplify your practice at home.

If you wish to join, please sign up at info@natha.se