Intensive Yoga Sadhana Group – going deeper

29th of November
Time: 10.00 till ca 13.00
Community events: Advanced Sadhana Practise Session
For students from 2nd year and up of our tantra or yoga courses

Intensive Yoga Sadhana Group - going deeper

We all know that amazing, fulfilling feeling when we accomplished something we really wanted by pushing ourselves beyond what we thought it was “our limit” and how what followed took us on another journey, another step forward and through another door that opens in our lives and widens our horizons.

Have you ever wondered what if you would do the same with your spiritual practice, what lies beyond “my limit” and how would it feel to overcome that limit, to go deeper and discover more about yourself and the mysteries that are hidden inside your being? Most of the times we say its the lack of time or the real motivation to do it.

Join us for an intense spiritual practice that will include practice of asanas for a longer time, laya yoga meditation and other techniques that you learned in the class. The aim is to go more in depth with this practice and to discover new levels and nuances of your sadhana that can take you deeper into yourself.

This progam is included in our community events for students only, which will also will also include yang spiral meditations with different themes, spiritual films with commentaries and svadhyaya (spiritual study) circles.